Oslo Big Data 2019

Som Keynote Speaker på Oslo Big Data holdt jeg innlegget “Hyper Connected” hvor jeg gikk gjennom nye teknologier i årene som kommer, sensorer og nye sikkerhetsutfordringer vi utfordres på.

Arrangementet er internasjonalt og hadde mer enn 1.000 deltakere.

Arrangøren presenterer det slik: “The event will have two parallel plenary sessions, corporate and public/government, and it’s targeted towards attendees involved with Digitalization, Change, Innovation, Big Data Technologies, Management and Strategy working -in or -with Municipalities, State, Education, Health, Law Enforcement and other Government Bodies along with Enterprise level’s and SME’s”


“I was in attendance during Jan’s presentation, at the Oslo Big Data Day conference, on March 19, 2019. Jan began this presentation by introducing the audience to the topic of home sensor technology and its link to big data. He leveraged everyday household activities as the driver to help the audience understand what can be classified as a sensor. Furthermore, Jan utilize diagrams to illustrate the foreseen evolution of this industry in parallel to the evolution of big data technologies. After ensuring that the audience was drawn to the subject, Jan ingeniously transformed the attention of the audience from big data technologies to raising awareness about the importance of being engaged with big data policy making. He utilized examples of advanced government data monitoring practices abroad and left the audience pondering if they would like to live in such a society in the future. My overall impression is that Jan is a skilled presenter who leverages a variety of methods to engage a large audience to specific subject. Furthermore, Jan’s presentation was entertaining, informative, ethical, and left me asking for more.” Vlad Tapia, Yara

Oslo big data

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