Stefan Petersson

Jan Sollid Storehaug Stefan Petersson

Jan delivered a fantastic and inspiring keynote for us around Artificial Intelligence. The speech gave a lot of brain fuel for the mind around this wide topic!

Phillip Grønvold

Jan Sollid Storehaug Phillip Grønvold

I had the opportunity to hear Storehaug speak at the Global Seed Forum event at the Opera House. Fantastic storyteller. His English was clear and expressive. Truly an engaging and motivational speaker.

Vlad Tapia

Jan Sollid Storehaug Vlad Tapia

At the Oslo Big Data Day conference Jan Sollid Storehaug demonstrated that he his a skilled presenter who leverages a variety of methods to engage a large audience to specific subject. Furthermore, Jan’s presentation was entertaining, informative, ethical, and left me asking for more.